Jennifer Cole

Jen aboutJENNIFER COLE : Photographer

Photography is one of the greatest weapons in the world. With it, you can create a world that is filled with pain or one that highlights joy. Depending on the lens in which you view the world, you can celebrate the person in front of you giving them a lasting gift, or take something from them.

My philosophy is to bring life to everyone I shoot. Capturing your greatest accomplishments for an editorial piece, finding the perfect angle to show off your new fashion line, highlighting a food or spirit recipe that you have spent years developing for your restaurant, being on location and shooting the scene is my passion. My hope is this passion, as an editorial & advertising photographer, will be a gift to the world– a reminder that we all should live fully alive.

Jennifer Cole is a classically trained photographer from the University of Nations in Kona, Hawaii. Before picking up a camera, she also went to undergrad for Pre-Med & Environmental Studies. It is this mix of science and art that brings such interest and technique to her work. As a lover of the perfect light, Jen works to make each shot illuminate.

Located in Southeast, but will travel the world. Get in touch via my contact page, to get started on your next project.

Photo of me taken by my dear friendĀ  Sunday Grant !